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Cory Ross, Chair of the Board

Cory Ross

Board Chair

Cory has visited and admired Willow-Witt Ranch over the past decade and, with the founding of The Crest, found even more to appreciate.

Cory’s varied work and life experiences have offered opportunities to learn about the world, both built and natural environments.  As a management consultant for business and family organizations, her goal was to create a healthier environment while improving work systems. In non-profit work she has looked to provide opportunities and broaden horizons. In Ashland, she has volunteered with the Hearth, Soroptimist, Riding Beyond and Vision Quilt. As a sometime artist, Cory enjoys painting, potting and fabric art.

As President of Blue Water Foundation for 7 years, Cory helped develop, pilot and run a 10-week sailing program for inner-city and incarcerated youth students, expanding the initial program of half-day public school field trips. Teamwork on a boat cultivates collaboration, confidence and interpersonal skills; San Francisco Bay provides a unique natural environment in which to grow.

Having grown up on a farm in Canada with a medical professional parent who kept his day job, Cory watched what happened in her community when deep pockets developed a once thriving ecosystem, paving roads and building houses on important wild areas. Willow-Witt Ranch reminds her of her youthful explorations and independence on that farm; The Crest reminds her of Emandal in Willits, California where she spent many happy days with her children.

Together with Jeanine Moy, Cory and her husband Greg Conaway established Vesper Meadow up the mountain from Willow-Witt Ranch, consulting with Lanita and Suzanne early on. Creating community through conservation and care for the environment are key to the public purpose of this private land.  This ecological re-wilding has been an exciting crash course in restoration best practices while creating a thriving community. It’s also given Cory context and preparation to make a constructive contribution at The Crest.

Cory graduated from Queen’s University, Canada with a B.A. in Psychology and from Columbia University with Masters in Strategy and Organization Behavior. Cory raised her two daughters in the Bay Area and moved to Ashland in 2013 to be with her husband, Greg, who has lived most of his adult life in Oregon. She feels she has come home to the Rogue Valley and welcomes this opportunity to contribute to The Crest.

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Suzanne Willow talks to a group of students visiting The Crest

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