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Emily Johnson, Education and Volunteer Program Leader - United Communities AmeriCorps

Emily Johnson

Education and Volunteer Program Leader – United Communities AmeriCorps
Emily grew up on a small family farm in the desert of central Arizona and earned Bachelor’s degrees in Biology and Chemistry from Northern Arizona University, graduating in May 2022. There they joined Gehring Laboratory and the Desert Botanical Garden and contributed to multiple studies focusing on ecophysiology and plant-fungi relationships.
Their lifelong interest in sustainable agriculture brought them to work for Willow Witt Ranch, and the beautiful landscape and community in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument drew them to stay and serve The Crest at Willow Witt this year.

In their free time Emily loves to rock climb, bike, forage, swim, cook, study fungi and plants, and spend time with loved ones. Their passion lies in understanding the complex relationships between microorganisms and macro ecosystems, and how humans influence and are influenced by these systems.

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