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Mission & Vision

Cultivating Connection


The mission of The Crest is to cultivate the integral connection between people and nature.  We learn from nature the interdependence of humans and the air, soil, food, forest, and water upon which we all depend and the earth to which we all return.



    Use our resources wisely as we only have one earth.


    This land has been home to people for over 8000 years.  All humans have impacted the land. We strive to return to balance and to follow nature’s teachings.


    We respect the land as our teacher.


    We strive to cultivate a continuum of care for land, people, relationships, and ways of accessing and learning as our world evolves.

  • TRUST:

    We follow the principles of reciprocity and respect for the earth and people.  We strive to foster love, compassion, knowledge and care for all people and nature.  We monitor our efforts to remain on this path.

Get involved...

The Crest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

The Crest nonprofit organization relies on donations to support youth programs and give community groups the chance to experience the wonders of nature to learn about and feel a connection to the natural world. Please consider contributing to this natural legacy by making a tax-deductible donation.