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goats in pasture

The Crest is proud to be hosting our Outdoor School pilot program for 82 fifth graders at Talent Elementary School! The hybrid program incorporates virtual learning, in-person activities and a full day field trip to Willow-Witt Ranch for each class. We are so excited to lead these students in science experiments, group reflection, outdoor exploration, art projects and more.

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baby goats

Meet the baby goats!

Willow-Witt Ranch is currently home to eight three-week old baby goats. They are sweet, cuddly, playful and need to be visited by many different people so they are comfortable with humans later in life. Visit Willow-Witt Ranch and spend some quality time with them. Milton, Jolene, Moxie, Jean Luc, Millie, and their siblings can’t wait to meet you!

What Are We Up To?

Upland Stewardship Corps volunteer registration

Upland Stewardship Corps

The Crest work parties: Thursdays @ 10am
Vesper Meadow work parties: Saturdays @ 9am

The neighboring Vesper Meadow Restoration Preserve and The Crest at Willow-Witt Ranch are hosting fun and fulling opportunities for volunteers to experience these two scenic locations and gain skills in restoration.

The Upland Stewardship Corps will be tending the land from May 8 – July 31. Volunteers are welcome to participate in weekly events or as many times as they are able.

Volunteer activities will vary and may include native seed collecting, willow planting, invasive plant removal, and wildlife monitoring.

Everyone is welcome to join the community effort to steward these upland meadows and improve water quality, wildlife habitat, and local native plant communities.

child feeding a goat

Nature Day Camps 2021

Join us this summer at our Nature Day Camps for ages 6-12! Nature Day Camps are fun, safe, outdoor nature-based programs for local kids. Activities will include art projects, guided hikes, nature games, science investigations, fun farm chores and more.

Summer Day Camps will run for 10 weeks, 1 session per week, June 21 through August 27. Programs will grouped as Turtles (ages 6-8) and Owls (ages 9-12). Groups will be in stable cohorts and led by a certified instructor and assistant.

We want to make this option available to as many families as possible, regardless of financial need. Donate below to help provide free and reduced tuition for local low-income families.

Registration opens in early May.

Take Action, Learn More

NPR Short Wave

Anti-Racist Science Education

Check out this episode of NPR’s Short Wave podcast about the intersection of racism and science in the classroom. The history of science has so often been steeped in racist ideologies. Is it possible to teach science and incorporate anti-racist critical thinking? Hear from several teachers working to do just that.

A great listen for teachers and full of valuable ideas on how to incorporate important conversations about racism into any setting.

Listen Here

Who’s Who
at The Crest
Lanita Witt

Lanita Witt

Lanita Witt, the Witt of Willow-Witt, serves as the President of the Crest’s Board of Directors. Lanita has lived at Willow-Witt Ranch for nearly 40 years and has always felt the need to share it with others. 

Her vision for The Crest’s future as a self-sustaining non-profit serving people of all ages, and her dedicated volunteer work in fundraising and administration has helped The Crest grow and thrive.

Thank you for sharing this special place with us, Suzanne and Lanita!

Who’s Flying?
What’s Blooming?
tree swallow

Tree Swallow

Tree Swallows have been swooping around the garden on sunny afternoons as we make our way closer to spring here at the Ranch. 

Tree Swallows can often be found near fields and wetlands. They feed on small flying insects that they catch in their mouths during acrobatic flight. Their iridescent blue backs can be seen as a flash of color as they swoop through the air.

After they finish breeding season in places like Willow-Witt Ranch, they migrate south and form huge communal roosts that can be found throughout the southern United States.

Red-breasted nuthatches are the only non-woodpecker species to excavate their own nest cavities from solid wood. They apply globs of conifer resin around the entrance to their nests, sometimes using a piece of bark to spread it around – an amazing example of tool use.

We just think they are darling! Red-breasted nuthatches like backyard feeders, so put out sunflower seeds, suet or peanuts to attract them to your yard.

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