Turtle Trot

Annual Fundraiser for The Crest

Thank you for Trotting Turtle Trot 2022!


Slowest: Rebekah Bergkoetter
Youngest: Finley Harper and Minya Jubaw
Oldest: Bea Bacher-Wetmore
Fastest: Sara Evans
Most Times Trotted: Andrew Gast
50/50 Raffle: Bob Bacher-Wetmore

Winners, please visit The Crest, located at Willow-Witt Ranch to retrieve your prize. Email admin@thecrestatwillowwitt.org if you need any accommodation. Thank you and happy trotting!

Join us again next year throughout September of 2023

Goat kids browse beside the Turtle Trot trail

Goat kids browse beside the Turtle Trot trail

Preparing the trail for Turtle Trot 2022

A young Western Pond Turtle at Willow-Witt Ranch

A young Western Pond Turtle at Willow-Witt Ranch

Turtle Trot 2021 5k trail race workers clearing the trail

Turtle Trot 2021 workers clearing the 5k trail

Categories & Awards

Race Categories

  • Fastest with Testosterone
  • Fastest without Testosterone
  • Slowest (That’s right, even the slowest runner is a winner in this race!)
  • Oldest
  • Youngest
  • Most Times Trotted

Turtle Trot Awards

All winners receive:

  • $100 cash prize
  • Free entry in the 2023 Turtle Trot
  • Limit 1 cash prize per person

Winners of each category to be announced and notified on or shortly after October 1, 2022.

Turtle Trot 5k trail race route map

Turtle Trot 5k trail race satellite map

Turtle Trot 5k trail race map

Turtle Trot 5k trail race topographic map


$15 per registrant, per run

No fee for ages under 12 and over 70, but it is a fundraiser, so donations are encouraged!

It’s a fundraiser, so run often! Beat your time, their time, just for fun, just do it often. You may donate by purchasing raffle tickets below.

*All proceeds go to The Crest, a 501(c)(3)nonprofit organization, and are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. You will receive a donation acknowledgment letter for your contribution.

Turtle Trot Trail Race Swag


The Crest Turtle Trot hats will be available for purchase. Hats are made locally, featuring The Crest’s logo on the front.  It’s a fundraiser, buy two! Pick up your hat at the Willow-Witt Ranch Farm Store before or after your trail run, after September 12th. Hats are held on the honor system with your name.

  • Children’s hat (yellow) for $30
  • Adult hat (cream) for $32


What’s a fundraiser without a raffle? We have it! When you register, add on a raffle ticket or two for a chance to win our 50/50 raffle! Half the raffle earnings will go to support The Crest, and the other half will go to one lucky winner to decide how to spend.

  • 1 raffle ticket for $5
  • 5 raffle tickets for $20

A HUGE THANKS to our many fabulous, hard working volunteers and trail crew who worked tirelessly to make Turtle Trot 2022 a reality!

Our Generous Sponsors

A big thank you to our fabulous Turtle Trot 2022 sponsors!
Contact us if you’d like to sponsor this event or a future event at The Crest.

Turtle Trot Registration

Fill out the registration form below and you will receive a confirmation email with detailed instructions on everything Turtle Trot 2022! The Turtle Trot is self supported and run entirely at your own risk. You accept responsibility and liability for yourself and any minors who may accompany you. We thank you for your interest and support of The Crest!

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The Crest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

The Crest nonprofit organization relies on donations to support youth programs and give community groups the chance to experience the wonders of nature to learn about and feel a connection to the natural world. Please consider contributing to this natural legacy by making a tax-deductible donation.


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